Coronado National Forest visitors advised to be careful with fire

April 14, 2017 - 1:41 pm

Coronado National Forest officials are expecting large numbers of visitors to the Forest’s most popular campgrounds and picnic areas over Easter weekend, April 15 and 16, 2017.  Fire danger is rising and visitors are urged to use extreme caution building, maintaining and extinguishing fires.  The following are tips for safe and enjoyable weekend outings. 

Hot and dry conditions across the Forest are contributing to “High” to “Very High” fire danger.  Temperatures are rising, and relative humidity levels dropping.  Conditions on the Forest include persistent drought and an abundance of fine fuels. 

Campfires, Smoking and Fireworks.  Fire or smoking restrictions are currently not in effect on the Coronado National Forest. However, visitors should choose campfire sites carefully (no burnable materials in, around or above the campfire site), maintain small fires and ensure all fires and smoking materials are completely extinguished and cold to the touch before leaving them for any reason.  Fires should be avoided on windy days.  Fireworks are prohibited year-round on all National Forest lands.

International Boundary Travel Caution.  Forest visitors traveling in remote areas of the Coronado National Forest in the vicinity of the International Border with Mexico are advised to remain alert to their surroundings as illegal smuggling activity is known to occur in some areas.  Visitors are advised not to attempt to intercede should they witness illegal activity, but to contact the nearest law enforcement agency with descriptions of persons, vehicles, date/time and other pertinent information. 

Dispersed Use/Off Highway Vehicles.  Picnicking and camping outside of developed recreation areas on the Forest is allowed unless otherwise posted.  Visitors must provide their own water and pack garbage out. Off-road/off-trail motorized travel is prohibited. 

For Ranger District And Recreation Area Information:

  • Douglas Ranger District (Chiricahua Mountains, Dragoon Mountains) - (520) 364-3468.
  • Nogales Ranger District (Santa Rita Mountains, Madera Canyon; Atascosa Mountains; Tumacacori Mountains) - (520) 281-2296.
  • Safford Ranger District (Mt. Graham) - (928) 428-4150.
  • Sierra Vista Ranger District (Huachuca Mountains, Miller Peak Wilderness) - (520) 378-0311.
  • Santa Catalina Ranger District (Mt. Lemmon, Sabino Canyon) - (520) 749-8700.