Fire crews mopping up hot spots on the Pena Fire

May 17, 2017 - 3:34 pm

Crews continued to hold the Pena Fire to approximately 300 acres yesterday. Since its forward progress has been halted, the three remaining crews and four engines working the fire today will shift into mopping up hot spots, improving fire lines around the fire, and rehabilitation of firefighting disturbances around the perimeter. Fire fighters will remain working the fire until fire managers are confident it can no longer move outside the established perimeter.

Weather conditions have calmed with southwest winds diminishing to moderate levels and relative humidity remaining near seasonal normal. These conditions will aid fire fighters. The remainder of this week should continue to see moderate conditions with increasing temperatures into the weekend.

No structures were lost and no reportable injuries occurred during the suppression efforts on this fire.

This will be the final news release for this incident.  Fire fighters assigned to the Pena fire express our thank you to Nogales area communities for their patience, support, and understanding for the efforts necessary to fight this fire.

A temporary flight restriction has been imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration over the fire area and remains in place until further notice. This restriction includes drones or unmanned aerial vehicles. The public is reminded that “ If you fly, we can’t!”