Mulch Fire in Camp Verde likely to smolder for long time

August 23, 2019 - 3:15 pm
The 1-acre Mulch Fire continues to burn and produce smoke due to deep internal smoldering within massive mulch piles, and wildland firefighters continue to monitor it within Yavapai County’s Camp Verde Transfer Station.
The fire, which was sparked by spontaneous combustion on July 10, will likely continue to burn and smolder for many weeks or even months since the piles are so large, and being able to locate every heat source to extinguish it is near impossible and extremely dangerous for firefighters.
Firefighters have contained the fire by churning the fuels with heavy equipment and soaking them for weeks, and there is no threat of the fire spreading anywhere else. No structures or private property is threatened.
The fire will continue to be monitored until it burns itself out, which could take several months. Communities near the transfer station can expect light smoke production from the fire that may intermittently impact the immediate area, but should not significantly impact surrounding communities.
Camp Verde Transfer Station is not accepting green waste until further notice. Please contact the Solid Waste Division of Yavapai County’s Public Works Department for more information.
The Camp Verde area has also been impacted by smoke from other recent wildfires in northern Arizona, especially as cooler overnight temperatures cause smoke to settle in natural drainages and canyons that flow through communities in Verde Valley.