New lightning caused fire on Williams Ranger District

August 9, 2019 - 12:14 pm

A new lightning caused wildfire discovered on the Williams Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest has grown to just over two acres. Located about 9 miles north of Parks at the northwest corner of Spring Valley, the “Boulin Fire” was detected by a local resident on Tuesday morning August 6.

Firefighters have been on scene since the initial response on Tuesday and will continue to monitor this fire daily. Due to the location, this fire is being assessed for the potential benefits of reducing hazardous fuel accumulations, increasing protection of local private inholdings, and restoring forest health. The overall strategy will be to contain the fire within a road system and various control features.

The Boulin Fire is burning in a ponderosa pine fuel type with continuous grasses. The goal is to allow the fire to burn as it would naturally as long as it can be safely managed while meeting objectives. Growth potential may Increase at times as weather conditions become warmer and drier over the next several days.

Smoke from the Boulin Fire is already noticeable from residential areas and will likely continue to be visible in the days ahead from surrounding communities that include Spring Valley, Parks, Red Lakes, and Pumpkin Center. Fire managers will monitor smoke closely and make every effort to minimize the impacts to residents in the vicinity.

Additional information about the Boulin Fire, and the Kaibab National Forest can be obtained through the following sources:

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·         Fire Information Recorded Phone line: 928-635-8311