Sheridan Fire Update – Increased Humidity Moderates Fire Behavior

August 24, 2019 - 3:27 pm

A slight rise in humidity in the Sheridan fire area has helped to moderate fire behavior and limit its growth. Fire crews were kept busy yesterday working indirectly, creating a buffer, enhancing control features, such as roads, trails, and natural features, north of the Camp Wood Road and in the area near Brush Mountain. For detailed information on the closure area and current fire perimeter maps visit InciWeb.

Sheridan Fire Overview

Location: 23 miles Northwest of Prescott, AZ on the Chino Valley District (T16N, R6W, S16)

Start Date: August 5, 2019

Size: 9,449

Percent Contained: 0%

Cause: Lightning

Vegetation: Pinyon-Juniper, Grass and Brush

Resources: Approx. 225 personnel including: 9-Engines, 2-Water Tenders, 3-Handcrews, 2-Helicopters

Current Situation:

The fire continues to burn in overgrown chaparral, grass and brush. The higher humidity has slowed the fire spread. Firefighters continue to work to create buffers and enhance control features such as roads, trails, adjacent to resources such as Yolo Ranch and cultural sites in the area, in an effort to protect them by either slowing or containing the advancing edge of the fire. Firefighters are currently working south along the 702 road. A helicopter will be flying the fire perimeter today conducting a mapping mission to account for yesterdays limited fire growth.

The fire continues to be allowed to fulfill its natural role while firefighters continue to provide for point protection of cultural and natural resources. Utilizing the lightning-caused fire for resource benefit will improve wildlife habitat and restore more open forest understory with grasses and forbs.

There are no homes or structures threatened.


An expanded closure order is in effect over the fire area which now includes the area south of Williamson Valley and Walnut Creek Road within the Forest Boundary. Wednesday’s fire activity forced the closure of the Camp Wood Road within the Forest Boundary. The expanded closures are being staffed by security and barricades. A map and detailed description of the new closure area are available on Inciweb and on the Prescott National Forest website.


Visible smoke will continue to decrease today due to the moderated decrease in fire behavior due to the increase in humidity. Incident specific smoke monitors are in place near Paulden to monitor area impacts.

While smoke conditions should continue to decrease today, for those more sensitive to smoke, we recommend staying indoors with windows and doors closed and bringing pets inside.

Prescott Fire Information Phone: 928-925-1111

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