Update: 377 Fire reaches 70 percent containment

June 9, 2018 - 11:05 am

The 377 Fire is 70 percent contained at 4,514 acres in size. The fire was human-caused. 63 personnel are assigned to the 377 Fire.

Summary: The 377 Fire was first reported at 1:26 p.m. Monday afternoon as 15 individual ignitions along a 21 mile stretch of state highway.  The spot fires ignited within forested land quickly grew together and consumed 4,514 acres of pinyon-juniper vegetation before sundown on Monday. A robust initial attack resulted in a halt of forward fire progression by Monday evening. 

Location: The fire is located on the Black Mesa Ranger District of Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, in Navajo County. It is approximately five miles northeast of Overgaard.

Update: Although the fire has had no significant growth since Monday, it is still an active incident.  Fire management, in coordination with Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona Department of Public Safety determined Thursday evening that fire activity near State Route 377 does not pose a significant threat to motorists traveling through the fire zone.  However, motorists are cautioned to remain alert for crews and fire traffic and proceed through the fire zone slowly and safely.  Please do not stop or exit your vehicle into the fire area.  Numerous hot-spots still exist along the highway corridor. Imperceptible from the surface, fire remains active in deep duff layers and underground where it slowly consumes root systems and other underground organic material.  Flair-ups causing individual tree torching are not uncommon.  State Route 377 traverses through the center of the fire zone.  Flair-ups along the highway are well within the fire’s interior and there is little concern of these individual tree torching events posing a threat to the fire’s containment.  Motorists who witness an individual tree torching in an area that is within the fire zone and surrounded by black, burned grasses please do not call 911. Fire crews are near-by and continuously patrolling the fire perimeter.

Know Before You Go:

Northeastern Arizona Public Information System: http://311info.net/ or call 311 or 928.333.3412

Arizona Fire Restrictions: http://firerestrictions.us/az