Williams Ranger District will manage Boulin Fire for multiple objectives

August 11, 2019 - 12:46 pm

Fire officials on the Williams Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest are currently managing a new fire start called the Boulin Fire. The Boulin Fire, discovered on August 6, was caused by lightning and has grown to approximately 10 acres. It is located near the junction of forest roads 141 and 713 approximately 9 miles north of Interstate 40 at the northwest corner of Spring Valley.

Managers will use a multiple strategies that will ultimately contain this fire within a defined planning area of approximately 4200 acres. Fire will be allowed to move towards designated roads that serve as safe and effective control features. Fire activity may fluctuate periodically as daily weather conditions influence fire behavior and spread.

Objectives include allowing the fire to fulfill its natural role in the ecosystem, while increasing protection of private property, wildlife habitat, cultural resources, and reducing hazardous fuels. 

Firefighters will occasionally use a management ignition strategy in order to keep fire at a low to moderate intensity minimizing severity. This method will also secure containment lines before fire arrives at the designated control boundaries.

Smoke will continue to be noticeable from residential areas and surrounding communities that include Spring Valley, Parks, Red Lakes, Pumpkin Center, and Highway 64. 

Smoke dispersion will be monitored closely, however may settle in low lying areas in the vicinity over night, but will lift and clear out rapidly as the ground surface warms in early morning hours.

Additional information about the Boulin Fire, and the Kaibab National Forest can be obtained through the following sources: