Woodbury Firefighters Successful in Protecting Values at Risk

June 15, 2019 - 7:21 pm
Notice: The Incident Management Team will have a Community Meeting on Sunday, June 16 at 2:00 pm at the Roosevelt Baptist Church, located on State Highway 188, Roosevelt, AZ 85545.
Today: Firefighters patrolled the south end of the fire to ensure that it remained north of the 509 road and within the wilderness boundary. Crews continued to reinforce the southwest edge of the fire with the help of helicopter water bucket drops on hot spots. There was minimal fire activity on the western side of the Woodbury Fire throughout today’s operational period. On the northwest side of the fire, crews were successful in keeping it from crossing over Highway 88. Burnout operations between Tortilla Flat and Tortilla Trailhead to keep the fire south of Highway 88 were successful. The terrain beyond the eastern edge of the fire, consists of very rocky outcrops and sparse vegetation. These conditions will help slow the fire’s progression.
There are currently no threats to the communities of Queen Valley Estates, Gold Canyon, Kings Ranch, Superior, and Apache Junction. Firefighting efforts on the north end of the fire will concentrate on protecting campgrounds, infrastructure, powerlines, and businesses along State Highway 88.
The Tonto National Forest has implemented fire restrictions. Please visit: https://firerestrictions.us/az/ for additional information.
The Southwest Area Type 1 Incident Management Team would like to remind the public “If You Fly We Can’t!” Flying drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) near a wildfire is ILLEGAL. In 2018 UAS incursions shut down aerial firefighting efforts at least 23 times.
Closures: State Highway 88 from Needle Vista east to the junction of State Highway 88 and State Highway 188. The closure includes: Tortilla Flat, Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, and campsites along State Highway 88 within the road closure area. The following areas remain open and accessible to the public: Lower Salt River, Saguaro Lake, Roosevelt Lake, and Bartlett Lake.
Containment: Despite continued work by firefighters, aircraft, and heavy equipment, due to rugged terrain and fire behavior, containment remains at zero percent. Containment is defined as: the status of a wildfire suppression action signifying that a control line has been completed around the fire, and any associated spot fires, which can reasonably be expected to stop the fire's spread.