Be Informed

Awareness is an important ingredient to preparedness. The more you know about public health and safety hazards in your community, the better you can prepare for any and all possibilities.

Being informed means contacting your local emergency management office, talking to your employer and your child’s school about their emergency plans, and knowing what television and radio stations to tune to for timely and reliable information.

Local Emergency Information

Make sure you know the kinds of disasters that are most likely to happen where you live. They may be natural or man-made. Learn how your local officials will tell you about an emergency. Research your hazards in your community through the Natural Hazards in Arizona map.

You may hear a special siren, get a telephone call, or emergency workers may knock on your door. Another way of communication is the Emergency Broadcast System (EAS) that relays messages on radio and TV. 

Be "In the Know" Wherever You Go

Find out about the emergency plans where your family spends time, like work, daycare and school. Schools, daycares and eldercare providers should have emergency response plans. Parents and guardians of elderly or disabled adults should ask for details about these plans and include the information in your family plan.

If there isn’t a plan, volunteer to help create one. Talk with your neighbors about how you can all work together in an emergency. By thinking ahead, you'll be more prepared to safely reunite your family and loved ones in an emergency.