Smoke will continue to be seen from the Castle Fire in the days ahead as weather conditions remain dry and warm. These conditions have proved favorable to allow the Castle Fire to spread gently and moderately southward into Dugway and Lookout Canyon, while consuming acres of dead and down vegetation such as pine needles, dry brush and grass. Interior pockets of dead fuel and overgrowth will continue to smolder until a wetting rain event occurs.

The visible increase in smoke from the Castle Fire is due to the warmer and drier trend in weather. Yesterday, the Castle Fire continued to spread into Lookout Canyon generating smoke both from its movement south to the confinement lines and from interior pockets of dead and down vegetation fanned by light winds. These pockets of dead and down fuel will continue smoldering for several weeks or until a significant amount of wetting rain occurs on the fire area.

The Castle Fire has spread through more than half of the 19,632-acre planning area that fire managers pre-identified soon after the fire was discovered on July 12th. The fire is currently 10,400 acres in size and has moved across about 55% of the planning area. With 177 personnel assigned, firefighters continue to focus their efforts along the planning area's western edge; the furthest point north which is near Lookout Canyon; and the furthest point south, near Dugway and FR 418.

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