The National Weather Service has issued a RED FLAG WARNING for Monday, April 16 for all of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests due to strong winds and low relative humidity.

Only the National Weather Service can issue a Red Flag Warning. The term Red Flag Warning is used by fire weather forecasters to alert fire personnel and the public of potential extreme and critical fire weather due to high winds and low relative humidity. Red Flag Warnings are issued when the ALL of the following criteria are met:

The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for today from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. that covers Arizona, including all of the Tonto National Forest, due to strong winds and low relative humidity.

Visitors to the Tonto National Forest are advised to refrain from having a campfire when Red Flag Warning conditions exist.  This advisory covers all campfires across the affected area, including in developed campgrounds.

Tonto National Forest fire specialists are planning to conduct a 2,000 acres prescribed fire treatment in the Shoofly area, just north of Payson, beginning on Tuesday, October 10 through Friday, October 20, 2017.  This treatment will eliminate timber slash, dead and down woody debris, grass and brush.  During the day, smoke will impact the communities of Mesa del Caballo and Freedom Acres.  During evening hours, residual smoke will travel down the East Verde Corridor and will impact the communities of Beaver Valley, Flowing Springs, E.

North Zone fire managers on the North Kaibab Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest and the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park have announced locations where they plan to complete prescribed fire projects starting in October and continuing through the spring of 2018. Approximately 13,850 acres could be eligible for treatment across the plateau, but the implementation of each project will only occur when weather, fuel moisture, and smoke dispersal conditions are within the defined prescription parameters.   

The Prescott National Forest, Bradshaw Ranger District is planning a series of prescribed burns around the Prescott Basin.  As conditions allow, depending on short term and long term weather patterns, prescribed burn activities can occur anytime during the next six months.  Low lying areas, including the City of Prescott and Prescott Valley are expected to have smoke impacts, especially during the night caused by night time inversions.  Areas affected by smoke during the day will depend on the wind direction during prescribed burning implementation.

Fire managers on the south zone of the Kaibab National Forest have completed plans for the 2017 fall and 2018 spring prescribed fire burning seasons and expect to begin working in several project areas by the end of this month. The specific units to be ignited will be chosen based on fuel moistures and weather conditions that are within prescriptive levels that meet fuels reduction objectives.

The flowing project areas are planned for treatments: 


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