Ike fire

The Sunflower and Ike fires southeast of Williams that are being utilized to accomplish forest health objectives received more rain yesterday stalling their spread temporarily.

The Sunflower and Ike fires have shown little growth but continued to slowly creep and smolder under the canopies as rains sustained throughout the afternoon.

Crews have taken advantage of the wet weather staying well ahead of the fire completing the preparation work needed. Both fires are experiencing very minimal activity at this time.

The Sunflower and Ike fires on the Williams Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest are growing temperately as monsoon moisture continues to prevail over the area. 


Start Date: July 20, 2016.

Cause: Lightning.

Location: West of Sunflower Flat and White Horse Lake close at the junction of forest roads 747 and 14.

Current Size:  Sunflower fire - approximately 303 acres. / Ike fire approximately .2 acres.

Light rains continue to fall over the Sunflower and Ike fires intermittently throughout the day limiting both fires to modest growth. The Sunflower Fire is currently 56 acres in size and has grown approximately 30 acres over the last three days. The Ike fire is still under 1 acre but continues to smolder and creep in the pine needles and surface litter.

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