Fire managers on the Coconino National Forest have decided to burn a 200 acre area immediately south of Mountainaire tomorrow, April 5, to add more defensible space for this community.

With prescription criteria within the parameters needed for burning in the Mountainaire area, a 200-acre area of land needing fire treatment immediately south of Pawnee and Bannock Streets (35°04'31.6"N, 111°39'35.0"W) will be lit tomorrow morning sometime after 8 a.m.

Fire managers on Coconino National Forest (NF) are planning a maintenance prescribed burn beginning tomorrow, June 2, throughout the week near A-1 Mountain that will be very visible to Flagstaff residents.

The A-1 Project burn consists of 645 acres and will likely be burned in blocks of about 200 acres each day from Tuesday through Thursday, depending on conditions.  The burn is located approximately six miles west of Flagstaff and a mile north of I-40 near A-1 Mountain.

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