Sheridan Fire

Forest officials have reduced the size of the fire area closure, but motorists should remain vigilant due to the presence of fire crews and equipment working in the area and other hazards associated with the rehabilitation efforts.

Sheridan Fire Overview

Location: 23 miles Northwest of Prescott, AZ on the Chino Valley District (T16N, R6W, S16)

Size: 21,510 acres;

Percent Contained: 60%

Cause: Lightning

Due to decreased fire activity we will no longer be sending out a daily News Release. We will only share information if there is a significant event or change in fire behavior.

With less fire activity expected to continue due to scattered thunder showers and higher humidity fire crews are shifting their focus to rehabilitation efforts in areas impacted by the Sheridan Fire as Forest officials look at reducing the current closure area.

A significant reduction in fire crews and other resources occurred this morning as the Type 3 Team transferred command of the Sheridan Fire back to the local unit. Return of monsoon weather patterns considerably reduced fire activity as rehabilitation efforts begin.                                                                       

Slightly lower humidity yesterday prompted fire crews to change tactics due to the increase of fire behavior. Crews today will monitor and improve the fireline, benefitting from their earlier firing efforts.

Sheridan Fire Overview 

Location: 23 miles Northwest of Prescott, AZ on the Chino Valley District (T16N, R6W, S16) Size:16,227

Percent Contained: 0%

Cause: Lightning 

Vegetation: Pinyon-Juniper, Grass and Brush

Current Situation: Yesterday the Sheridan Fire increased to over 15,000 acres, mainly due to hand and aerial ignitions along the western edge of the fire containment line. The aerial ignitions are being done by plastic incendiary devices that resemble ping pong balls. These are fired from a helicopter or unmanned drone and ignite the vegetation on the ground. Today fire crews will again work on firing between the main fire and the western containment line.

Current Situation: The Sheridan Fire has exceeded 11,000 acres and continues to burn through the brush and grass in a remote area north of Prescott. There was not a great deal of fire activity yesterday and smoke was relatively light. The next couple of days are forecast to have slightly higher temperatures and lower humidity so fire crews are planning to use the opportunity to conduct burning operations between the fire and the western containment line. This is intended to increase the effectiveness of the containment line and restore fire to the ecosystem.


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