Stina Fire

Firefighters and fire managers continue working to contain the Stina Fire, burning since July 26, 2018.  As fire suppression activities wind down, crews have begun the task of cleaning up after all their hard work. The task of mitigating the impact of the fight to stop the fire is referred to as “suppression repair”. 

Local crews have been working diligently on the Stina and Cat Fires as well as responding to Initial Attack on numerous lightning ignitions across the district. In order to take pressure off local resources, Kaibab fire officials have transitioned command of the Stina Fire to the Central West Zone Type Three Incident Management Team as of 6:00 a.m. today. The Stina and the Cat Fires are both under command of the team which will finalize suppression activities, direct mop-up, and initiate suppression repair.

The Stina Fire received additional moisture yesterday that is prompting a change in suppression tactics.  Prior to the rain, the suppression tactic was an indirect strategy of using road systems and dozer lines to burn off of to secure containment lines.  The strategy was in place as a safer way to control the fire due to the erratic fire behavior, thus not putting fire crews directly adjacent to the fire.

The Obi Fire is approximately 1000 acres. Growth today was primarily in the northern and eastern portions of the fire perimeter. Light southwesterly winds throughout the day allowed fire to grow through pine needles and downed logs. Fire behavior was active with single tree torching and surface fire of one to three foot flames where the fire was consuming dead logs.

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