The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) issued a Water Quality Advisory on January 11, 2019 for the unpermitted discharge of recycled water from Johnson Utilities’ Pecan Water Reclamation Plant into Queen Creek (the wash) in the San Tan Valley area. EPCOR notified ADEQ that the discharge has stopped and this advisory is no longer in effect.

EPCOR estimates a total release of 15.36 million gallons between January 9 and 17, 2019. There was no impact to Johnson Utilities’ drinking water systems and there was NOT a release of untreated sewage into the environment.

As work continues on the International Outfall Interceptor (IOI) and the Nogales Wash, Santa Cruz County Health Services continues to remind the public to stay out of the Nogales Wash and Santa Cruz River due to continued health concerns and water quality. Health Officials continue to recommend to those who live within the county, along the Santa Cruz River, and have a private well within 100 ft. of the waterway have their wells tested for contamination.

PIMA COUNTY - In response to the partial breach of the International Outfall Interceptor (IOI) in Santa Cruz County, Pima County has conducted water quality sampling in the Santa Cruz River. The sampling is consistent with the results acquired by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality in earlier tests.

ADEQ’s test results area available here.

Officials with the Santa Cruz County Emergency Operations Center received an update from the United States Section of the International Boundary and Waster Commission (USIBWC). At 2 a.m. on August 2, crews in Nogales, Arizona completed installation of a bypass system to divert sewage that had been leaking from the partial breach. The sewage is now being conveyed for treatment at the Nogales International Wastewater Treatment Plant and is no longer flowing into the Nogales Wash.

As July comes to a close, we would like you to know that August has been proclaimed “Drowning Impact Awareness Month” in the City of Yuma by Mayor Douglas J. Nicholls. This proclamation was also being made for the State of Arizona by Gov. Douglas A. Ducey.  The purpose is to raise awareness of the number of cases and the impact of child drowning in Arizona. Even though Arizona is considered a desert state, on average, drowning incidents take the lives of many of our state’s children. Children 4 years old and younger are in the highest risk group.


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