Arizona is susceptible to an array of natural disasters and emergencies. And though some hazards (e.g., floods and wildfire) pose a more immediate threat to life and property than others (e.g., tornadoes and earthquakes), it is in the best interest of all Arizonans to prepare for all possible hazards and their impacts. 

The good news is a family can prepare for all manner of emergencies and disasters in four simple steps. Download the All-Hazard Emergency Preparedness brochure to learn how to Make a PlanBuild a KitBe Informed and Inspire Others before an emergency happens. Click here to download the Spanish version brochure. 







A Family Emergency Communication Plan describes how your family will respond to and communicate during a disaster or emergency. A basic plan should list important contact information, identitfy home and neighborhood evacuation routes, and family meetingplaces, and name an Out-of-Town Contact.

To download the Plan and get started, click here. To download the Spanish version of the template, click here.









It could take anywhere from a couple hours to a few days for first responders to reach you after a large event, which means you may need to survive on your own after an emergency. Under such circumstances, you will need and want to have food, water and other supplies in sufficient quantity. An Emergency Supplies Kit is a collection of all items your family will need to live self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. Suggested kit items include nonpershiable food, potable water (one gallon, per person, per day), prescription medication, a flashlight and batteries, a cell phone and a radio.

Download the Emergency Supplies Kit Checklist to help you build a kit that meets the basic and unique needs of your family.
Icon size of the Monsoon Awareness graphicAlthough the monsoon brings welcome rains and relief from our summer heat, the thunderstorms and high winds that acompany the monsoon can cause dust stormsfloods and debris flows. Make sure you know the facts about monsoon season and the dangers that are posed due to strong weather patterns.
Download the Monsoon Awareness Infograph. Click here for the Spanish version