Grand Canyon National Park

Drier weather conditions have led to additional growth on the Ikes Fire, which is now approximately 205 acres.  The lightning-caused wildfire is actively burning within a 7,785-acre planning area. The Ikes Fire is being utilized to fulfill its natural role within a fire-dependent ecosystem while providing for point protection of identified sensitive natural and cultural resources. Resource objectives include reducing hazardous fuels, promoting forest regeneration, improving wildlife habitat, and restoring more open forest understory.

The Kaibab National Forest instituted a Temporary Area Closure for all National Forests System lands and roads within the Ikes Fire Planning Area. This Order will be in effect beginning at 8:00 AM on August 8 and shall remain in effect until September 27, 2019, or until rescinded, whichever comes first.

The Grand Canyon National Park Closure Order remains in place. The following areas are closed on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon:

The Ikes Fire continues to grow despite the minimal amount of moisture received from recent storms. The fire is approximately 58 acres. 

Over the past two decades, there has been minimal to no fire activity in the northeast section of the current planning area. The lack of fire activity has lead to build up of vegetation which creates a higher fuel load for future fires moving through the area. Yesterday the fire moved into this area and fire managers anticipate fire activity will increase depending on the amount of precipitation = received.

Favorable weather conditions have led to additional growth on the Castle Fire. Firefighters are successfully conducting firing operations to secure the western edge of the planning area. The fire has moved across 11,900 acres since it was discovered on July 12th. A combination of fire suppression strategies have been used to confine the Castle Fire to the 19,632-acre planning area, where it has been allowed to function as a natural disturbance process.


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