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With strong monsoon storms forecast in much of Arizona going into the weekend, be ready to pull aside and wait out extreme weather.

Please heed this advice: Get off the highways when facing a dust storm. In almost no time, blowing dust can drop visibility to zero, especially where small dust channels afford drivers little or no opportunity to avoid this hazard.

Other tips from the Arizona Department of Transportation:

 With recent snowfall transforming much of Arizona’s high country into a winter wonderland, snow-play sites should become busy destinations this weekend. That means travelers can expect heavy traffic and delays around some popular areas.

Those heading to snow-play sites along US 180 should be prepared to spend extended time in winter conditions and be ready for traffic backups returning to Flagstaff that build as the afternoon goes on.

Planning a trip to play in the snow Sunday? Leave prepared for heavy traffic around popular snow-play sites and the potential for more winter weather to arrive as early as Sunday afternoon.

Highway conditions can deteriorate quickly during severe weather as snow accumulates and drivers struggle, and closures can happen suddenly and be prolonged.

Whether yours is a white Christmas or a wet Christmas, the Arizona Department of Transportation will make you a deal: With rain and snow in the forecast, ADOT will be ready to respond before, during and after to whatever the weather may bring. In return, you should study weather and highway conditions before your trip, leave prepared and drive with patience ‒ or delay travel if conditions warrant.

With thunderstorms occurring in southern Arizona and extreme weather possible elsewhere in the state, drivers should leave prepared and be ready to wait out heavy rain, high winds and blowing dust.

The latest National Weather Service forecast calls for a strong chance of rain and thunderstorms through at least Wednesday evening. Before driving on highways, review the Arizona Department of Transportation’s monsoon-safety tips at

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