Air Quality

 Warmer and dryer weather conditions are expected over the weekend which could slow progress on the Boundary Fire, as fire crews work slowly and methodically to back the fire down the mountain. This will allow for better control reducing the chances of the fire front pushing uphill and creating intense heat which would adversely affect the tree canopy. It is important that fire crews continue with ignitions during dry weather as it allows for consumption of the decadent fuels on the ground, decreasing the heavy accumulation of fuels on the mountain.

Incident: Frye Fire Wildfire
Released: 36 min. ago

Air Quality Report Issue Date: 6/15/2017

Frye Fire Prepared by: David Greathouse and Lou Ballard

Forecast conditions represent impacts from smoke generated by the Frye Fire. Contributions from ozone and other pollutants and impacts from other fires are not reflected.

Fire: Active backing and flanking. Downhill fire spread to the southeast in heavy dead and down fuels.


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