Black Mesa Ranger District

The Black Mesa Ranger District plans to conduct a prescribed burn within the Heber-Overgaard Green Waste Site on Forest Road 488F Rd in Township 12N, Range 17 East, and Section 16 starting Monday, October 15, just north of Overgaard on State Highway 277. Smoke will be seen from Highways 260, 277, and 377 and will have light to moderate impacts to Heber and those highways throughout the week but should decrease significantly each evening after the primary ignition occurs.

The 377 Fire is 70 percent contained at 4,514 acres in size. The fire was human-caused. 63 personnel are assigned to the 377 Fire.

Summary: The 377 Fire was first reported at 1:26 p.m. Monday afternoon as 15 individual ignitions along a 21 mile stretch of state highway.  The spot fires ignited within forested land quickly grew together and consumed 4,514 acres of pinyon-juniper vegetation before sundown on Monday. A robust initial attack resulted in a halt of forward fire progression by Monday evening. 

Fire activity: The Woods Fire was discovered at approximately 2:00 p.m. on Friday, May 11 near Forest Road 195 northwest of Woods Canyon Lake on the Black Mesa Ranger District

Driven by strong winds, the Woods Fire quickly spread to the north/northeast until it entered the footprint of the 2017 Alder Prescribed Burn, which immediately slowed the fire’s northern progress. Local community, county, state, and federal fire crews worked through the night Friday to complete a line around the fire. 

The Hank Fire is happening approximately five miles west of Heber. It is 21 acres in size and zero percent contained.

Cause: Human caused, under investigation       

Resources Assigned: 1 hand crew, 2 engines

Vegetation:  Pinyon pine and grass                         

Growth Potential:  Low to Moderate

Structures Threatened: 0

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests Black Mesa Ranger District (BMRD) plans to burn piles along the eastern boundary of the Slim Fire area from 2017.  The piles are along Forest Roads 170G, 172F, and 172C approximately 3 miles north of Forest Lakes.  This pile burn is a follow up to previous slash created from the Slim Fire. 

If conditions allow, the BMRD will also be burning piles within portions of the Fulton Timber Sale-Unit 4 along Forest Road 171. This pile burn will be implemented to reduce slash on the ground created by logging operations.

Although most roads on the forest remain open including Forest Road 300, recent snow in the Rim Country has made some forest roads impassable. For public safety and resource protection, The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests’ Black Mesa Ranger District (BMRD) has implemented wheeled motor vehicle restrictions, which affect access to Woods Canyon Lake and the Mogollon Rim Visitor’s Center. Both locations have been gated closed due to icy conditions but are still open to non-motorized modes of travel including skis, snowshoe, and foot. 

The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests’ Black Mesa Ranger District plans to conduct a prescribed burn within Burn Blocks 1, 2, and 6 of the Nagel Forest Health Prescribed Burn area, if weather conditions allow, from November 14 - 17. This burn will be south of the Dutch Joe Ranch area. The burn will be to the east of Forest Road 34, south of Forest Road 100, to the west of Forest Roads 117, and to the north of Forest Roads 9439 and 9429A.  The burn blocks will encompass approximately 963 acres.


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