Arizona's hot, dry climate is perfect for wildfires. In fact, more than 1,500 wildfires occur in Arizona each year. Wildfires often begin unnoticed and can spread quickly, igniting brush, trees and homes. You can reduce the effects of wildfire if you prepare your home, business and family. Follow the Ready, Set, Go! program to learn what actions to take before an emergency and during an evacuation.

BE Prepared

Before a Wildfire

Get Ready - prepare your family, home and property


"Know Before You Go": Check the current fire restrictions before heading out onto national, tribal, state and local lands.

Home and Property

    • Create a 30 to 100-foot safety zone around your home by removing vegetation and other flammable materials Don’t forget to check the rain gutters and under the deck.
    • Creating this “defensible space” protects your home and the firefighters that may have to defend it.
    • Clear items that will burn from around the house or other structures, including wood piles, lawn furniture, barbecue grills, tarp coverings, etc. Move them outside of your defensible space.
    • Have a garden hose that is long enough to reach any area of the home and other structures on the property.
    • Make sure that fire vehicles can get to your home. Clearly mark all driveway entrances and display your name and address.
    • Design and landscape your home with wildfire safety in mind. Select materials and plants that can help contain fire rather than fuel it.

TAKE Action

Take action when a wildfire is in your area

  • If you are not ordered to evacuate, know the  actions to take to be SET just in case.
  • If advised to evacuate, make sure you Go! Immediately.
  • Learn more about the steps to take to be prepared for evacuation with Ready, Set, Go!  


After a Wildfire

  • If you have evacuated, do not enter your home until fire officials say it is safe.
  • Avoid damaged or fallen power lines, poles and downed wires.
  • Follow public health guidance on safe cleanup of fire ash and safe use of masks.

BE Informed