Preparedness Month

Plastic bins containing emergency kit enough supplies to support your family and pets for at least 72 hours.

Gov. Doug Ducey proclaimed September Arizona Preparedness Month in conjunction with National Preparedness Month, and in an effort to encourage people, businesses and whole communities to prepare for potential emergencies.

Arizona experiences severe wildfires, devastating floods and damaging monsoon storms. Arizona Preparedness Month focuses on planning with an overarching theme: “Disasters happen. Prepare Now. Learn How.”


Those who prepare their families and property for emergencies are better-equipped to respond and recover when a disaster strikes.

Arizonans are encouraged to take the following steps to get prepared:

Make a Family Communication Plan.  Write and rehearse a family evacuation and communication plan that identifies a family meeting place, accounts for individuals' unique needs, and includes local emergency numbers and an Out-of-Town Contact. Download a free Family Communication Plan template

Build an emergency go kit.  Gather enough supplies to sustain you and your family for at least three days. Suggested kit items include first aid supplies, nonperishable food, drinking water (one gallon/per person/per day), prescriptions, a flashlight with extra batteries, copies of important documents, cell phone chargers, and a weather radio.

Be informed .Contact your local emergency management office to sign up to receive emergency notifications.  Know the hazards in your community and monitor them through our hazard viewer. Ask school administrators and your employer to see evacuation plans and preparedness procedures. Listen to/watch local and national weather and news coverage, and learn to use everyday technologies (e.g., the internet and mobile phones) to stay connected in an emergency.

Inspire others. Be a preparedness example for your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. Give blood or take a basic first aid course and invite others to join you. Share what you’ve learned about personal and family preparedness and find ways to involve others in the preparations.

Still want to do more?

Participate in the Emergency Kit Cook-Off by submitting a chili or chili-inspired recipe with an innovative twist! Re-invent it in a nonperishable way using ingredients found in your 72-hour emergency go kit.  Showcase your emergency preparedness using the featured ingredients, with a recipe like spicy chili, taco truck chili, chili-infused ramen, chili-flavored pistachios or an old reliable classic chili. You have until the end of September to submit a recipe to the online cookbook and receive an Emergency Kit Cook-Off apron while supplies last.