Coconino National Forest fire managers have planned several prescribed burns next week throughout the forest due to predicted favorable weather and wind conditions. These burns could be cancelled or postponed if conditions change.



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When: Planned ignition will be Tuesday and Wednesday (April 17, 18). Ignitions typically begin around 8 a.m.

Following the Copley Fire, which occurred April 8, County officials are encouraging all residents to sign-up to receive emergency notifications at coconino.az.gov/ready. Emergency Notifications have proven to save lives.

The fire started in the area of North Copley Dr., an unincorporated area of Coconino County, east of Flagstaff, Ariz. According to the Summit Fire Department, the Copley Fire reached approximately 80 plus acres. Several structures were lost and approximately 75 residents were evacuated during the fire.

Fire managers on the Coconino National Forest have decided to burn a 200 acre area immediately south of Mountainaire tomorrow, April 5, to add more defensible space for this community.

With prescription criteria within the parameters needed for burning in the Mountainaire area, a 200-acre area of land needing fire treatment immediately south of Pawnee and Bannock Streets (35°04'31.6"N, 111°39'35.0"W) will be lit tomorrow morning sometime after 8 a.m.

Forest roads across Coconino National Forest are opening as warmer weather approaches and the roads are becoming suitable for motorized travel.

Even though the vast majority of forest roads across each district are currently open, there are still a few that are closed due to wet and muddy conditions that can be the cause of people getting stuck and also cause damage to the roads when driven on.

The Mogollon Rim Ranger District is currently in the process of opening all of the forest roads south of state Route 87, which should be completed by the end of today.

Coconino County Public Health Services District (CCPHSD) officials are reminding individuals to take precautions to protect against rabies. Spring brings warmer weather and a rise in outdoor recreational activity, increasing the potential of exposure to wildlife.

CCPSHD urges people to follow the following precautions to protect from rabies:

With another snowstorm forecast Tuesday afternoon in Arizona’s high country, keep in mind that the safest option while snow falls is delaying travel until Arizona Department of Transportation snowplows have had time to clear state highways.

A highway can close suddenly due to crashes and fast-accumulating snow. During recent snowstorms, northbound Interstate 17 climbing out of the Verde Valley toward Flagstaff and a steep section of eastbound Interstate 40 at Ash Fork Hill, just west of Williams, have closed temporarily as conditions deteriorated.

With snow forecast Friday in Arizona’s high country, please don't take lightly the power and unpredictability of a winter storm as well as the potential for it to leave you stranded on a highway.

Arizona Department of Transportation snowplows will be out in force, but driving conditions are hazardous during winter weather. A highway can close suddenly if enough snow falls in a brief period or if there are crashes, slide-offs or both. That happened during Monday’s snowstorm, when northbound I-17 climbing out of the Verde Valley closed for several hours due to a serious crash.


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