Kaibab National Forest

Fire managers for the North Kaibab Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest are tracking opportunities to pursue three prescribed fires at various locations across the district through the end of this month. Pending the appropriate fuel moistures and weather conditions, fire managers anticipate having an opportunity to begin burning in about one to two weeks and possibly continue into monsoon season.

Kaibab National Forest fire managers will be continuing work on the Reed Prescribed Fire project located on the Tusayan Ranger District approximately 3 miles northeast of the town of Tusayan beginning Thursday of this week. A 300 acre unit will be the first of several blocks to be ignited in the days ahead providing forest and weather conditions are conducive to achieving desired effects that meet land management objectives.

Fire managers on the south zone of the Kaibab National Forest will begin springtime burning on both the Williams and Tusayan Ranger Districts beginning Thursday of this week and will likely burn through the weekend and into the following week ahead.

With steady precipitation in the immediate forecast over the next several days, fire crews will take advantage of favorable weather conditions and will burn machine piles around the Shiner Timber Sale area approximately 5 miles south of Williams.

These piles consist of left over slash from logging operations and are spread out over an area of about 1000 acres. The Shiner project is located just southwest of Dogtown Lake along the east side of county road 73. Fire Managers are hopeful that conditions will be remain suitable to remove these fuels over the next few days.

Fire managers will continue to burn piles on the Williams and Tusayan ranger districts of the Kaibab National Forest today (12/6/2018) and tomorrow (12/7/2018).

On The Williams district, 139 acres of piles off of Forest Road 186 just south of Forest Road 108 near Coleman Lake will be ignited Thursday with an additional 52 acres to be treated on Friday. 

On The Tusayan district, 19 acres of piles will burned on Thursday approximately 2 miles west of the Grand Canyon Airport.


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