North Rim

The Ikes Fire, which started on July 25th, is approximately 25 acres. Fire behavior was active with surface fire of three to five foot flames where the fire was consuming dead logs. The fire is backing and flanking towards the east.
Located 3 miles east of Swamp Point, the Ikes Fire is burning in mixed conifer. Fire managers plan to continue the strategy of confinement and containment in the planning area while providing for point protection of identified sensitive natural and cultural resources. 

Recent monsoonal activity in the region resulted in several new lightning ignited fires on the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park over the past several days. Fire crews are actively working to suppress three fires within Grand Canyon National Park.

The Lindbergh Fire near Lindbergh Hill is being directly suppressed. Approximately 2 acres in size, current fire behavior is creeping and smoldering within mixed conifer. Fire crews are working to contain the fire at the smallest possible size by digging handline around the fire's perimeter.

Grand Canyon National Park has temporarily closed Cape Royal Road. Included in this closure are Cape Final Trail, Cliff Spring Trail, the northern section of the Ken Patrick Trail from Point Imperial to Cape Royal Road, and the southern section of the Ken Patrick Trail from Cape Royal Road to the old Bright Angel Trail. 

These closures are for public and firefighter safety as crews continue to prep the Walhalla Plateau. The temporary closure is in effect until further notice. The road to Point Imperial and all other North Rim trails and facilities are open at this time.

The Obi Fire is approximately 1000 acres. Growth today was primarily in the northern and eastern portions of the fire perimeter. Light southwesterly winds throughout the day allowed fire to grow through pine needles and downed logs. Fire behavior was active with single tree torching and surface fire of one to three foot flames where the fire was consuming dead logs.


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