The Sam Jim Fire, discovered on September 5, is burning in ponderosa pine with a grass understory and in mixed conifer. It is located in a side drainage of Chevelon Canyon. Smoke may be visible in the Forest Lakes area, and off Forest Roads 504 & 170.

Sam Jim Fire Summary

  • Discovery date: September 5, 2016
  • Location: On the Black Mesa Ranger District; approximately 4 miles south of Chevelon Lake
  • Cause: Lightning
  • Size: Approximately 50 acres
  • Resources: 1 Type 6 Engine and miscellaneous overhead

Fire managers with the Coconino National Forest are utilizing a lightning-caused fire in the Crackerbox Canyon and Battleground Ridge area southeast of Clints Well to benefit the landscape and maintain a healthy ecosystem by allowing fire to fulfill its natural role in the environment. The forest thrives on fires such as these that are low severity and creep across the forest floor. They reduce fuels and the risk of severe wildfire, create safer conditions for residents, the public and firefighters, and also restore wildlife habitat by stimulating understory vegetation growth.

Crews made good progress on cleanup efforts in all areas of the Fuller Fire that were impacted by recent rains – as much as 4 inches during the past five days – and work continued to install a series of fire breaks along forest roads 219, 610 and 611.

Today’s focus will be on the final stages of the wok along 610 as well as a substantial length of buffer left to complete along both sides of 219.

The Baldwin Fire is a lightning-caused fire burning about 4 to 5 miles south of Heber and Overgaard in the Rodeo-Chediski burn scar.

The Baldwin Fire is 100 percent contained.

Fire managers made the decision to confine this lightning-caused fire to accomplish multiple objectives. The fire has met all its objectives; however, smoke may be visible within the interior of the fire until completely extinguished by monsoonal rains.

Parts of the Fuller Fire received as much as 1.25 inches of rain Wednesday, flooding some parts of the burn area. Fire personnel continued to build fuel breaks along forest roads 219, 610 and 611, and clean up areas that were impacted by the rains.

More heavy rain is expected today which will continue to keep fire activity to a minimum but also carries the potential for more flooding. Visitors are asked to use caution while driving in the rain and be mindful of fire equipment on the roads. Fuels mitigation and road clean up will continue today.

The Sunflower and Ike fires southeast of Williams that are being utilized to accomplish forest health objectives received more rain yesterday stalling their spread temporarily.

The Sunflower and Ike fires have shown little growth but continued to slowly creep and smolder under the canopies as rains sustained throughout the afternoon.

Crews have taken advantage of the wet weather staying well ahead of the fire completing the preparation work needed. Both fires are experiencing very minimal activity at this time.


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