National Park Service

Potential road closures or delays along E. Montezuma Canyon Road

The National Park Service plans to conduct a prescribed burn at Coronado National Memorial on Tuesday, March 26th, if environmental factors such as wind, temperature, and relative humidity are favorable.

The 20 acre prescribed burn is located between the Memorial Visitor Center and the picnic area. It includes two separate units along E. Montezuma Canyon Road. Ignitions may take place over one to two days. Smoke may be visible from Palominas, Hereford and Sierra Vista.

The National Park Service will burn piles of woody debris at Tuzigoot National Monument and Montezuma Well. The burn date is scheduled for March 20th, 2019 and will be dependent on weather.  The piles of debris consist of invasive plants removed from Tavasci Marsh at Tuzigoot and the pasture trails from Montezuma Well. 

Fire managers will take advantage of existing clearings to minimize the chance of fire spread and potential spotting from the piles. The piles will be ignited by firefighters and monitored until the piles are completely out.

Chiricahua National Monument will open to the public on Saturday, May 19.  The park has been closed due to the Pinery Fire and related fire clean-up efforts.  This wildland fire began Saturday, May 12th on private land but quickly spread into the park.  Some of the burned area overlaps with the 2011 Horseshoe II Fire area.  Fortunately, quick response efforts ensured that no park structures were burned.

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