Volunteer Canyon

Reduced winds and increased precipitation have improved firefighting conditions for those combating the Gate 13 Fire at Camp Navajo today.

This comes after a series of effective controlled burns yesterday that laid the ground work for successful containment of the burn area.

Another controlled burn is scheduled for today in the northwestern area of the fire pending weather conditions. This burn is designed to mitigate future fires if weather conditions remain dry this winter.

A morning reconnaissance of the Gate 13 Fire determined that increased winds of 20-30 mph, with gust up to 35, at Camp Navajo have significantly reduced the burn rate and spread of the fire.

Firebreaks installed yesterday are holding up to the fire and secondary breaks were installed in the northwest sector of the area.

In addition, “Bambi Bucket” water drops are extinguishing hot spots along the eastern boundary of the fire. This effort has been productive with 5-to-7 minute turn around times from water collection to release. 

Camp Navajo Fire Department has conducted proactive firefighting measures to help contain and suppress the Gate 13 fire in anticipation of high winds tomorrow.

Firefighters widened 100 percent of the firebreaks in critical areas and called for additional firefighting resources to help suppress the fire that began Feb. 6.

The fire have limited the spread, however, it did spread beyond Volunteer Canyon in the southeast quadrant. Firefighters suppressed slow-moving spot fires. 

Camp Navajo Fire Department is responding to a fire that was initiated in the southwest corner of Camp Navajo near Volunteer Canyon. The Gate 13 Fire started Feb. 6 during demolition operations. The Gate 13 Fire is approximately 830-acres in an area that precludes active fire suppression and remains within the established containment lines.

Camp Navajo Fire Department and facility equipment operators have cut firebreaks around 98% of the fire in an effort to contain the fire to its current boundary.

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