Williams Ranger District

A new lightning caused wildfire that was discovered on August 25 on the Williams Ranger District will be allowed to move naturally to benefit the landscape. The 5 acre Perkins Fire is located approximately 2 miles southwest of White Horse Lake and is burning slowly in grass, ponderosa pine and oak litter near the junction of forest roads 109 and 110.

The Bald Fire located on the south face of Sitgreaves Mountain on the Williams Ranger District of the Kaibab National Forest has grown to 85 acres and continues to meet forest health objectives.

The Bald Fire is continuing to grow at a moderate pace moving down slope to the southwest with very favorable fire effects. Burning for just over two weeks, the fire is currently backing off the higher terrain with one to two foot flame lengths consuming dead and down fuels scattered across the surface left behind from the 2014 Sitgreaves fire.

A new lightning-caused wildfire has ignited on the Williams Ranger District on the south side of Sitgreaves Mountain. It is currently burning in steep terrain within the 2014 Sitgreaves wildfire burn scar.

The Bald Fire is currently burning in ponderosa pine and does have the potential to expand over the next several days as monsoon moisture is forecasted to temporarily subside. An engine crew was on scene the day of discovery on July 22 and will continue to monitor fire behavior daily taking appropriate actions as necessary.

The Kaibab National Forest has implemented a temporary closure of Forest Road 149 near Kendrick Mountain on the Williams Ranger District due to safety concerns related to the active monsoon season.

Forest Road 149, which is located in the far northeastern corner of the Williams Ranger District just east of Pumpkin Center, accesses the Pumpkin Trailhead on Kendrick Mountain. Due to the risk of flooding and the associated public safety concerns, the road has been temporarily closed and will remain so until monsoon conditions subside.

Due to increasing fire danger with warmer and dryer weather conditions in the immediate forecast, the Kaibab National Forest will issue a temporary closure for the Bill Williams Mountain watershed area beginning Fridayand continuing until the area receives significant precipitation.

Fire managers on the south zone of the Kaibab National Forest will resume implementation on the Sunflower prescribed fire project beginning Saturday of this week. With red flag conditions subsiding and a measure of moisture in the immediate forecast, favorable weather conditions have presented an opportunity to continue with treatments in this specific area.

Fire crews will begin burning an additional 500 acres of hand piles scattered across the southern half of the Williams Ranger District beginning Monday of this week.

Inclement weather bringing moisture has presented favorable conditions to continue reducing fuel loads at various locations that include Coleman Lake, Sevier Flat, and Jackass Flat. Conditions will be evaluated daily before burns are implemented to ensure desirable effects and management objectives are being met. Fire managers will conduct operations incrementally at different locations throughout the week.


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